Payton Goolsby – Light Overcomes Darkness

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In 2018, Payton Goolsby, a freshman at Texas State University, decided it was time to begin saying yes to Jesus. Having been very involved in greeklife at Texas State, and all that goes along with that, her transition out of that world and into a life of following Jesus was shockingly isolating. She had already been struggling with depression and this only seemed to make it worse…

One day, Payton was sitting in a local ice cream shop on the square with a couple of friends when she overheard a conversation about a new church starting in San Marcos. Through a prompting of the Spirit, Payton joined the conversation and was introduced to Ashley Millar. Her initial excitement was soon met with disappointment when she found out it would be another two years before they were beginning the church. Although she thought it probably meant nothing, she gave Ashley her phone number anyway.

Fast forward to August 2019 and Payton was beginning to understand what it means to have joy in the Lord amidst her struggles of depression. But finding other people to help her say yes to Jesus was still surprisingly hard. Payton began praying about the possibility of her relationship with Ashley and this new church being an answer to her need for community.

In January of 2020, as The Well was getting started, Ashley and Payton began to meet up on a regular basis. Although things were seeming to turn a corner, Texas State would soon announce their response to Covid-19 and Payton moved back home to Austin. But something was different. She was beginning to find a family at The Well and decided to persevere in her relationship with Ashley, even if it meant doing so remotely.

In August it was announced that Texas State had moved all of Payton’s classes online for the semester, so she saw no need to move back to San Marcos. But the Lord wasn’t done with her in San Marcos yet. She felt as though her next yes to Jesus was moving back to San Marcos and continuing to develop relationships there. She moved back and quickly reconnected with The Well and the Millar’s house church.

For the first time in her life, Payton found true joy in belonging to a group of people who were all seeking to follow Jesus. Not only has she discovered life-giving relationships, but she has found a new purpose and passion to spread the Gospel and make disciples of Jesus who are reaching the campus, the city, and the world. She also now shares in the leadership of our college and young adult ministry!

Through this journey, God has set Payton free from a four year struggle with depression. Free from medications and struggles that she didn’t see a way out of, she rejoices daily in what Jesus has brought about in her life.

We are constantly surprised at how God chooses to move among us. In ways that we never could have orchestrated ourselves, God is planting a church here in San Marcos. We love getting to be a part of this story and we are grateful for your role in this story as well!